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June 30 CD27 Special Election – VOTE SATURDAY

Making your Saturday plans? Add “VOTE” to your list.

If you’re in Congressional District 27 (formerly Blake Farenthold’s district; it includes Bastrop County precincts 1003, 2007, 2008, 3012, 3013, 3014, 3015, 3016), this is YOUR race.

We don’t have a Congressman now. If our primary winner, Michael Cloud, wins with 50%+1, he goes to Washington NOW. If not, we remain without a Congressman until after a costly September runoff. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!

Polls are open from 7a.m. to 7p.m. SATURDAY.


June 30 CD27 Special Election – Report #1

On Saturday, June 30, all Congressional District 27 voters will go to the polls to elect an interim congressman.  The winner of this race will serve until the full-term congressman, elected in the November general election, takes office in January 2019.

The June 30 Special Election is not a primary. All nine candidates will be on the ballot and voters will choose only one.

On May 30, Bech Bruun endorsed Michael Cloud.  All Republican CD27 voters need to follow Bruun’s lead and, no matter their primary choice, support Michael Cloud in the Special Election.  All Republican CD27 voters need to vote to top 50%+1.  Doing so will avoid a costly September runoff.  Republican voter apathy will be costly.

It’s very clear that if Republican Michael Cloud or Democrat Eric Holguin (primary victors) wins the special election, he will have a leg-up for the November general election.  While CD 27 has been considered a safe Republican district, complacency has been the cause of more than one stunning election defeat.  Democrats are energized and if the 2017 race in Georgia’s Sixth District is any indication, out-of-state money will pour into this district to attempt an upset.

Ballot BoxStrategically, Republicans should work hard to top 50% for our candidate, eliminating the need for another election. While many Republicans activists will be out of their home districts for an entire week because of the RPT Convention (June 11 – 16), we need to double our efforts when on home turf to make this happen.  And, those not going to Convention need to double their efforts during Convention time.

Let’s get to work! The clock is ticking. Keep Texas Red!